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Do you feel like your business is on the fringe of society? The desolate areas of marketing where no matter what you do you feel like it just isn’t working? The place where IF ONLY rules? IF ONLY you could connect with your target market. IF ONLY you could get your message heard. IF ONLY you could have a family AND a successful business - while scaling your movement, company, or vision?


We, Brian and Racheal Blackmore, lived in the land of IF ONLY and let us tell you - there’s a way out! In fact - our journey to build Blackmore Marketing Solutions included failed businesses, financial hardships, and a lot of IF ONLY moments. And yet - here we are. We’ve made it out of that land and into one where there are clear steps, positive ROI, and scalable outcomes.


Our passion comes from our failures and successes. Our desire to teach and lead comes from the knowledge of just how detrimental a lack of the right strategy is to build a business.


We are a family owned and operated business helping like-minded entrepreneurs and companies through hands-off services and educational resources.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Leveraging LinkedIn

  • Copywriting

  • YouTube Channel Growth & Optimization

We work to create a unique and lasting connection for our clients and their target audience, resulting in an increased ROI and scalable reach. 


 If you’re ready to abandon the IF ONLY ways of marketing - we’re here to show you the way out. Let’s grab a coffee or hop on a zoom call today!




The right strategy, implemented correctly, shaves years and tens of thousands of wasted or lost revenue from your business. Too often we think - as business owners -that we are to be a "one man band". With 4 out of 5 businesses struggling to make a profit over a five year period, it's time to hire the experts. Join dozens of others who have allowed us to help future-proof their business. Book a free consultation today.



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YouTube Channel 

Growth & Optimization









"Racheal Blackmore built my website and designed my brochures and business cards. She did a superior job. I have also seen the excellent work she has done for others' and experienced first hand the amount of time and dedication she devotes to her clients. You will be in the hands of a lady who knows what she's doing and who works with integrity. I highly recommend her."

Simply Soaps by Shirley

"Racheal is a very talented Copywriter and Web Designer. She adapts to all of your needs. I've worked with her, and she has met every one of my expectations. Her words form a picture in your mind. From creating websites, ads, to blogging she is your go to person. You won't be disappointed."

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"I have been working with Racheal for just about 45 days and could not be more pleased. She is super knowledgeable, fully engaged and easy to work with. Racheal handles all my social media, marketing, and websites. This enables me to do what I do best – sell and run my business. We are off to a great start and Racheal is a big part of that. I highly recommend her!"

American Residential Lending

I had the opportunity to work alongside Racheal. Her content creating was one of the best I’ve seen thus far! Thanks again Racheal for all that you have done for the company we had the chance to partner together with! I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Christine Colman, Digital Marketing Agency

Blackmore Marketing SOlutions

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