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May 29, 2018

... As he wrapped up his measurements, he began to tell Mrs. Smith that he and I were also a form of teacher, as we home school our 1st grade son and PreK daughter. Without hesitation and with a gleam of excitement in her eyes, she hurriedly lead Brian over to a pile...

April 8, 2018

Never has there been a better time for small business owners to assess their growth strategy than now. Although I do believe there is a place for expansion in brick-and-mortar, as I said in part 1 of this article, it is a place that needs to be partnered with digital m...

January 5, 2018

Boy would I love to say I'm writing this "in theory" or "hypothetically", but I can't. I am writing this from over a decade of trial and error. Well, mostly error; big error. Not, "oh shoot, I forgot to process payroll" error. More like, "oh crap, I've spent my life sa...

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August 1, 2018

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